Image Entry Guidelines

  • Images for critique or competition are classified as follows:

                        Division 1: Projected Digital Images:                         Assigned Topic Category

                                Open Category

                        Division 2: Print Images                                            Assigned Topic Category

                                Open Category

Open Guidlines:  Any subject matter is acceptable under the open category.  Additionally, images that have been manipulated for artistic purposes by artwork or computer graphics created by the entrant, by painting techniques, applying filters or special effects, etc. (altered reality) are to be submitted in the open category.

Assigned Guidlines:  The subject matter for this category is taken from the Monthly Assigned Topic List. In evaluating the image, the judge should consider how the image treats the assigned topic in addition to the other elements of composition, lighting, etc.  Images submitted in the assigned category may be altered, either digitally or otherwise by the maker, but should not have the appearance of altered reality

  • Members in good standing may submit up to three entries at the regular monthly critique meeting in any or all divisions or categories.
  • Images that have received a merit may not be submitted again.
  • Under no circumstances should an image in any division or category contain an element not of the maker’s own original photographic creation and/or artwork.
  • Images containing inappropriate or offensive subject matter may be removed at the discretion of the Club President or the Judge.
  • It is up to the photographer to place the image in the appropriate category and it may be assigned to another division at the discretion of the judge.
  • No image entered for critique may contain the photographers name, watermark, logo or other identifying information visible to the person judging or critiquing the image.

Digitally Projected Image

The digitally projected images provide members with an opportunity to explore their creativity, share and receive feedback without the investment in the print process.

Projected images must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Images must be in the sRGB colorspace.
  • Images must be in jpeg format.
  • Pixel dimensions must be no larger than 1920 in width by 1080 in height (1920 x 1080). (For a video on how to resize your images for projection in either Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom, go to the Tutorials page.) 

If your picture is less than the above dimensions, the surrounding space will be filled in with some indeterminate level of brightness by the projector/computer combination. You might want to consider filling the surrounding space with the brightness level or color of your choice. Also consider putting a stroke of a complimentary color and width to frame the picture making it stand out from the background.

  • Image filesnames must conform to the following pattern (TITLE has to be all caps).

Lastname, Firstname_IMAGE TITLE_mm-yy_category(assigned or open).jpg 

Smith, John_HAPPY_03-16_Assigned.jpg
Smith, John_THREE TREES OF SUNSET_03-16_Open.jpg 

  • Images must be emailed to and received no later than 5:00 pm, two days before the meeting.  Do not include any text with this mailing.  It is stripped out by the program and wil not be seen/read by the digital entry coordinator.  Do enter 3-4 text characters or any word to prevent mail servers blocking this email thinking it is spam since there are attached files without a text message   If you have a message (text only, no images to this email) for the digital entry coordinator, email to Albert Huen.
  • Do not send from within Lightroom or other image processing software.
  • Entries not meeting these requirements will be excluded from that month's critique or judging.

Print Image

The print image provides the highest level of challenge for our members. Print competitions and critiques will consider print quality and presentation in addition to the standards of concept, technique, and creativity. Images can be either assigned topic or open category.

Prints must adhere to the following guidelines:

  • All prints must be matted or mounted for display, but cannot be framed.
  • Maximum mat or mount size for a print is 18" x 22" with an image no larger than 16" x 20". Minimum image size is 4" x 5".
  • A completed, removable entry slip must be attached to the back of the print. The entry slip must include the photographer’s name, date of entry, category, and title. For a print entry slip click here.
  • Prints should be brought to the meeting prepared for display on a large easel.
  • Prints may not be entered in plastic sleeves or envelopes as this makes it difficult to judge the print.
  • Entries not adhering to size constraints can be displayed, but will not be eligible for critique or competition.

Processing Guidelines

Traditional Processing

Traditional darkroom or digital-processing techniques may be used but should not have the appearance of altered reality. Techniques include exposure, contrast, and white balance adjustments, cropping, conversion to monochrome, and cloning out or cleaning up image features. HDR and other multiple exposure techniques are allowed. Original photographic artwork or computer graphics created by the entrant may be incorporated to the extent that the photographic content predominates. Multiple image mosaics (diptych, triptych, or polytych) are acceptable.

Digital Art Processing

Images that have been manipulated, post capture, to create an altered reality. Techniques include significant compositing, cloning and combining of multiple image compositions, heavy use of filters, textures, painting, image warping, or other special effects.